Beneath the shimmering waves of the Arabian Sea lies a ruin older than history itself, concealing an ancient prophecy that threatens to turn the world to ash…

INDIA. At the largest human gathering in the world, black rain pours down upon 50 million pilgrims, and the Ganges runs red with blood, heralding an ancient doomsday prophecy from the depths of the Arabian Sea. When archaeologist Georgia Lee is called to decipher its cryptic verses, she’s thrust into a heart-pounding race against time to find the key to humanity’s final hope.

With ruthless enemies and deceptive allies lurking at every turn, Georgia must learn who she can truly trust. Can she uncover the mystery of the Indus Star that seems inextricably linked to her own destiny, or will the apocalyptic prophecy come to pass, wiping humanity from the face of the Earth?

From the ancient temples of mystical India to the frigid tundra of Siberia, The Indus Star is a dazzling globetrotting adventure filled with nonstop action, cataclysmic consequences, forbidden desires, and a timeless secret.

The third book of A. H. Wang’s Georgia Lee Adventure series, The Indus Star is a sweeping archaeological adventure set against the vivid, extraordinary landscape of India that will leave you breathless until the final shocking twist.

Fans of Indiana Jones, Dan Brown, and James Rollins won’t want to miss this exhilarating quest overflowing with ominous secrets and deadly showdowns across the world. Dive into the ancient conspiracy today!



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Customer Reviews

“I couldn’t turn the pages quickly enough to absorb this ingeniously crafted thriller. A stunning sequel that will keep readers in suspense to the end.”

– Nicola Smith, Asia correspondent at the Telegraph

“Another fascinating, edge-of-your-seat adventure from A.H. Wang. This time, intrepid archaeologist Georgia Lee finds herself in India, exploring ancient site after ancient site as she races to find the answer to a mystery that threatens the future of humankind. As always, there’s plenty of gripping engagement as sparks fly between clashing personalities, as well as lots to learn about Indian history and mythologies along the way. Make sure you’re in a comfy chair with drinks and snacks to hand before you begin this book. You won’t be putting it down for a long time.”

– J.J. Green, author of Star Legend, Space Colony One, and other space adventures

“Breathtaking adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

– Colin Falconer, author of Silk Road